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Bipartisans, do you ever feel restless but can’t put your finger on why?

I want to be doing so much more than sitting here, right now. 

Don’t you?

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extremely frustrated

I just encountered a discussion going on on another tumblr about bisexuality, and I saw some of those same stigmas that I always encounter as a bisexuals female cropping up.

It’s really frustrating to me. Someone said that bi women make being gay look like a choice. Being bi isn’t a choice.  What are we supposed to do?  How are we supposed to sufficiently prove ourselves to you, gay and straight communities? If we don’t get support from anyone, where are we supposed to turn?

I don’t feel supported right now, by anyone, and I think that’s sad.  It’s especially sad coming from members of the gay community.  They’ve felt like this too.  Don’t you think they’d lend a little understanding or sympathy?  Walk a mile in our shoes?

It’s gotten to the point where I feel as though in ordered to be considered bi, I have to date only women.  But that’s not what I want.  I am bi.  I want to date men and women.  That’s the point.  I shouldn’t need to prove myself to anyone.


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which brings us to - Madison, WI, and the protests happening there.

It’s crazy.  I’m about an hour south of Madison, and I really want to get up there and join in.  

Basically, the bill that’s being protested would cut the bargaining power of public workers.  Protests erupted - Gov. Scott Walker has been likened to a dictator.  Even crazier, a bunch of Democratic senators left the state to prevent the body from having a quorum.  State patrol was sent to find them.

You know it’s bad when the senators are escaping the state.  And schools have been canceled, too.  Teachers called in sick en masse.  Even at my college, we’ve had a lot of absences because people are driving up to join in the protests.



are you into 3somes?

This is the entirety of the message I received a few days ago.  A wink and that sham of a sentence.  Can we please try a little harder, people?  The way to get me to have a threesome with you is not by WINKING AT ME ON OKCUPID.  I know, I know, that’s a newsflash.  Hard to wrap your brain around.

In other news, do you ever wish you could eat music?  Ever hear a song so beautiful that you want to swallow it and keep it in your belly? What song or artist?


Anonymous asked: so how are you supposed to find girls in your area on this, hows it work?

The link I posted earlier (and now here) is to a tumblr that allows you to post a photo of yourself, along with a description and location.  Post yours and see who replies in your area, or browse through and contact all the pretty ladies that you want!

check it, ladies


Here’s a tumblr set up for bi girls to find bi girls in their area.  You can submit a photo and some things about you.

In other news, I danced for three hours straight last night to a Talking Heads cover band.  Dancing = the best thing ever, right? 

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